Capture the True Value of Net Zero Energy Buildings

Building Owners, Capital Project Managers, Real Estate Developers, and Architects turn to Termobuild to achieve a Net Zero building with capital cost savings of $10 to $50 per sq.ft. and OPEX savings of 35%+.

Don't change your building design or project schedule, simply integrate the Termobuild Building as a Battery™ Smart Floor Kit.

Get a side by side comparison showing you the quantitative advantage of integrating BaaB™ using your proposed design as a reference.

You could be overspending millions on a high performance building. Complete the quick answer form and you'll:

1. Get the side by side comparison at initial design stage of your current proposed design and proposed with BaaB™.

2. See where the capital and operational cost savings are realized.

3. Know that Predictions Performance is Guaranteed with Termobuild compared to conventional benchmarks.

4. Use this analysis to make a much stronger business case for Net Zero Energy building.

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  • The performance modeling
  • The side by side cost comparison
  • CAPEX & OPEX savings calculation
  • Key deliverables
  • Timeline

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There's a lot of hype when it comes to green building and net zero energy. Exceeding building project budget is significant risk. Yet, with Termobuild, lean budget and high performance guaranteed.

Building as a Battery casts a bright light on Net Zero challenges and opportunities. BaaB™ manages risk better and extracts overlooked value and benefits. Fast facts about Termobuild:

  • Enabled the best performing(energy consumption) school in Canada. ASHRAE Heating Cooling Zone 7. All HVAC equipment made in USA.
  • Pioneered Building as a Battery copyrighted controls logic to suit the preferred building mechanical systems.
  • Recently completed largest Net Positive educational development in North America. 650,000 sq. ft. in South Carolina.
  • Partnered with world-class architectural firm to complete $150M college in Ontario Canada.
  • Complies with ASHRAE ventilation, Building and Fire Codes.
  • Integration is seamless as it relies on conventional systems and does not affect design or construction schedule.

The best performing
(energy consumption) school
in Canada for 10 years running.


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Why you need to consider Building as a Battery in your building. Regardless if hollow core floors are used or not:

  • 1. Termobuild heating & cooling system eliminates the need for 40%+ of mechanical systems making solar and geothermal more attractive while delivering superior energy performance. Resilience, improved indoor air quality, and radiant comfort comes at no cost.
  • 2. Our design assist plugs into conventional mechanical systems to heat & cool buildings smarter. Leveraging energy storage capacity to its’ greatest potential using structural hollow core concrete. In fact it turns into a "Smart" floor kit.
  • 3. Proven controls algorithm balances buildings’ night and day time heating and cooling load delivering 40%+ in energy reduction, using simple equipment.
  • By the numbers. The Termobuild BaaB™ advantage vs. current industry Net Zero construction:

    38% Average Capital Cost Savings
    42% Average Energy Consumption Cost Savings
    40% Average Maintenance Cost Savings

About Termobuild

Net Zero Buildings...
Simplified through Innovation

  • 15 year track record of successful building projects
  • Non-utility financial benefits often overlooked in high performance buildings. With BaaB™ they can exceed energy savings up to 10 times.
  • No need for new equipment or costlier infrastructure. Shift your building from ordinary to high efficiency at no extra cost.
  • Fits into “Smart City” or Grid-Interactive Net Zero Buildings.
  • A proven solution for Education, Healthcare, High-Rises, Government, & Assisted Living buildings for all seven ASHRAE climate zones.

Termobuild Scope of Work

at the Design Stage
*Contact us for Construction SOW

  • Thermal modeling of integrating hollow core slabs with mechanical systems.
  • Room by room air flow schedules, in slab air distribution and equipment sizing.
  • Coordination related to Building Permit, Tendering and Contract document preparation.
  • Building as a Battery copyrighted controls logic of mechanical systems for proposed projects.
  • Collaboration with design team to simplify building design and drive high performance.
  • Architectural floor plans & mechanical systems remain the same.
  • We guarantee inputs for smaller heating/cooling systems.